Wen Review

I promised a Wen update, so here it is!

While my order was being shipped, it was brought to my attention that many Wen users have experienced hair loss due to the product! As someone who tends to latches onto the worst possible scenario, I scoured the internet for reviews from displeased costumers.

For that reason, I canceled my subscription to Wen—not that I was planning on continuing it, anyway. I’d rather buy it directly from Chaz Dean, as I don’t need the extra products, and I’m wary of automated charges to my credit card. After calling up Wen and canceling my order, I called them once more to see if I could try the product in a difference fragrance than the one I ordered. Many reviews blamed the menthol in the Sweet Almond Mint variety for the hair loss problems. However, the representative I spoke with said I would have to pay to ship my order back, and I didn’t want to spend the money.

When the kit arrived, my mom advised me to send it back. However, I weighed caution against my cheapness/curiosity, and the latter won. When I tried the cleanser for the first time, I was surprised by how silky and tangle-free my hair was immediately after rinsing the stuff. When it dried, it was noticeably shinier. In fact, as I’ve continued to use the product (including the deep conditioner and styling cream), I’ve watched my hair grow shinier by the day. I almost find it unnerving, as fine hair that has been bleached and dyed countless times has no business showing any sign of life.

Fortunately, I have noticed no hair loss whatsoever, and my psoriasis of the scalp seems to be clearing up! While I am ready to throw the bottle out the window at the first sign of a bald patch, I seem to be reacting well to the product. Going shampoo-free has always been a goal of mine, so I am pleased. My only complaints are the following: First of all, the infomercial deceptively advises the viewer to use 16-20 pumps. Ha! Usually six full pumps does the trick for me, and I don’t even wash my hair daily. I have a theory that using the product excessively causes buildup on the scalp which leads to the hair loss, so I am always sure not to use too much and rinse thoroughly! For good measure, I am also planning on buying a clarifying shampoo for occasional usage.

Lastly, Wen has revitalized my hair so much that it has actually become too light and fluffy! That may be fixed once I try a menthol-free Wen variety that doesn’t plump the hair shaft, but I still find it irritating. For that reason, I think I am going to buying a Living Proof leave-in conditioner so it dries a bit flatter. That said, I like the product, and it has been the only non-drugstore shampoo that has actually made a difference in my hair. I will update if I notice any changes for better or for worse.

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